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1.3 Terraced fields

Vietnam has beautiful landscapes, including the breathtaking rice terraces. You will find most rice terraces in the mountain area in the north. Before you leave, you must ensure that you come to visit at the right time. The harvest season is from late September to early October and they pour water in May. These months are the best months to see the terraces at their best.

Sa Pa Terraces

Sapa is very popular for its trekkings through the rice terraces. During your walk, you get to know more about the H’mong ethnic group, how they live and a lot about Sapa itself. You can found the biggest terraced field community in Sapa which has 1.000 hectares in area and a field with 121 stairs. 

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Mu Cang Chai

500 hectares of incredible rice terraces, about 280 kilometers from Hanoi and located in La Pan Tan. You not only see the terraces, but you will also learn more about the unique life of H’mong ethnic group. 

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Hoang Su Phi

Located 300 kilometers from Hanoi in Ha Giang province. It shows bright yellow fields and is known for the most beautiful in Vietnam. There are 6 municipalities: San Sa, Ban Phung, Nam Ty, Ban Luoc, Ho Thau and Xin Man. One of the best views is when you are in the middle of the Ban Phun province. You can see the fields spread around in a fantastic panoramic view.

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