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1.5 Outdoor Activities in Da Lat


For the adventurers who love water and and action. Be prepared for a journey down the waterfalls. Canyoning stands for navigating your way through the canyon. Since Da Lat has a series of spectacular waterfalls, it becomes a great experience. 

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Find a draw that suits you. Enter the jungle, up to the mountains or to the waterfalls. There are 1 day trips, but also 2 day treks where you sleep in nature for the real trekking experience. Enjoy the cool jungle breeze as you go through one of the deepest jungles in Vietnam or enjoy the breathtaking view while you are at the top of the mountains.

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Mountain biking 

Explore the mountains, hills and pine forests of Da Lat with a mountain bike. There are different tours available with different levels of difficulty and duration. The more you challenge yourself, the more you get back from Da Lat's beauty. Once you are at the top of the mountain and see the breathtaking view, you know that the road up was worth it!

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Whitewater rafting

A real adrenaline rush in Da Lat, where you go to the least explored areas and the river Da Don raft. You will pass 11 rapids during the raft, depending on which tour you take. Each rapid has its own level of difficulty and you have to challenge yourself. It is a great experience that will last a lifetime!

Easy Riders

Easy Riders comes officially from Da Lat. Cruise along winding mountain roads through beautiful landscapes on the back of a motorbike. You can decide where you want to go and for how long. It is also possible to go a few days or even to another destination. 


For golf lovers Da Lat is a perfect place to play. With the green field environment, you will have a lovely day. It is also possible to follow some courses. 

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Some operators

Viet Challenge 

Phat Tire Ventures 

Easy Rider