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1.5 Outdoor Activities in Da Nang

Path Biker 

Take a bicycle tour to cycle through the countryside in Vietnam. Go across rivers, through small traditional villages and rice paddies. There are also longer tours available where you can ride along the cost or even to Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang.

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Surfing and Stand Up Paddling 

In the area of the peaceful My Khe beach are many options when it comes to watersports. Stand up paddle (SUP) is very popular. Take lessons or a tour where you combine stand up paddling with snorkeling. You can also go for surfing. It is one of the most popular activities in Da Nang. Surf season is between September and March. 

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Get in a kayak and discover Da Nang from the water. There are operators that combine kayaking with snorkeling to create even a better experience. 

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Jeep Tours

Go on a jungle trail with a jeep or 4WD. See traditional villages, iconic war remnants and pagodas. Drive towards Marble Mountain where rare wildlife species live and the limestone caves are. Some tours are also doing the Hai Van Pass. Go for a tour that suits you and you will have a great ride. 

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Treat yourself with a more luxurious day. Enjoy luxe accommodation, fine dining and a great golf area. 

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