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1.2 Extreme Local Food

Ca Cuong - Lethocerus indicus

Ca Cuon is a giant water bug in the family Belostomatidae and highly prized food in Vietnam. The insect is collected with liquid-producing sacs and placed in small glass containers. It is very demand and claimed to be scarce.

How to eat?

They boil of fried the insect and add a drop of dipping sauce to eat it with rice noodle rolls. Another way to eat it is as a soup dish called ‘bun thang’ adding a unique essence to the broth. The soup includes rice noodles, thinly sliced egg crepe, pork cold cuts and other various additions in a chicken/dry squid broth. To flavor the whole bowl of soup, only a tiny drop of the extract would suffice.       


Chả rươi

A very popular dish, especially in Hanoi, that is not available all year. It is a type of sand worm and can only be found from the end of September to the middle of October. The worms are mostly fried with egg and served with vermicelli, salad and fish sauce. 

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Where to eat?

  1. Chả rươi Hang Beo Add: 244 Lo Duc Str
  2. Chả rươi 25 Gia Ngư
  3. Chả rươi ở Hàng Chiếu – Ô Quan Chưởng 

Balut - Baby Duck Egg

This egg is a fully-formed duck egg and a very popular food in Vietnam. When you eat the egg, you see that it contains a duck fetus. You can see its feet, beak and feathers after breaking the shell of the egg. It looks a little bit scary, but it seems to be tasty and nutritious. 

Swallow a snake’s still-beating heart

In the north of Vietnam is a place called ‘Le Mat Snake Village’ where you can not only eat snakes, but also swallow the still-beating heart out of it. The people will cut the snake open while it is still alive and then squish the heart out of it. Besides the heart, you will eat the meat and drink rice wine with the snake’s blood.  

Dog Meat

Vietnamese think that dog meat brings luck if they consume it at the end of the lunar month. Dog meat gets less popular in the cities and more people are having them as pet.  

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Tiet Canh (animal blood)

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 A traditional dish of raw blood pudding. The most common animals that are used to create the pudding are pork and duck. You will find this dish especially in the north of Vietnam. 

The fresh blood gets collected in a bowl and mixed with some fish sauce. The blood comes along with finely chopped meat, sprinkles of crushed peanuts and chopped herbs.