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1.3 Non Local Food

Craving for Western food?!!

The Vietnamese kitchen is very tasty with all her flavors. We can imagine that there will be a point where you want to have some food from another kitchen. That’s where we are going to help you.  

  • In the most cities in Vietnam you can find international restaurants. The prices are a little higher than the local restaurants. You can find a good meal for 10 dollars. The most common kitchens are: Italian, European, French, Indian, Japanese, and Grill. Think about main dishes like: pizza, pasta, fries & burgers, sushi and curries.  
  • Craving for fast-food or a company you are familiar with? There are a lot fast food chains like Burger King, McDonald's and Domino’s. order food online. Vietnam
  • Don’t feel like going out for food? It is very easy to order food in Vietnam. Use the website You can find every kitchen with a lot dishes. 
  • Staying in a ho(s)tel? That’s an easy way to get some western food. A French bakery is always there to have a nice breakfast, lunch or snack. 

Per destiny you can find under the heading ‘non-local food’ some suggestions for restaurants with different kitchens.