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1.4 Allergies in Vietnam


Traveling with an allergy isn’t always without fear. In South-East Asia, they use a lot of peanuts. If you have a peanut allergy, make sure you tell the restaurant to not use peanuts in any way. Tell or write down: “Tôi bị di ứng đầu phụng. Làm ơn không sử dụng lạc hoặc dầu lạc khi nấu bữa cơm cho tôi.” (I have an allergy for peanuts. Please don’t use peanuts or peanut oil when preparing my food). 

Vietnam and Gluten 

Vietnam is a very good country to travel when it comes to gluten allergy. You can almost say they live gluten-free if we stick to the Vietnamese kitchen. They use a lot of rice and fresh ingredients to cook their dishes with. To make it easier for you, we suggested some restaurants that have a ‘gluten free’ option. You can find these restaurants per city under the heading ‘’Gluten Free’’. 

Be careful with

  • Snacks might be a little more difficult because they often contain wheat,
  • Mostly, they use rice-based noodles for a dish, but not every restaurant does this. So make sure before you order that it’s not wheat based noodle,
  • Make sure is that there’s no soy sauce in the dish used,
  • Another thing is deep-fried dishes. The Vietnamese often dip it in flour first, which contains gluten. 
  • The popular Vietnamese bread ‘Banh Mi’ contains gluten.

Example of gluten free Vietnamese dishes

  • Pho: Beef broth with rice noodles, vegetables and your choice of meat (chicken or beef) 
  • Bun Bo: soup containing rice vermicelli and beef 
  • Banh Trang: rice paper wrappers or rice wafers
  • Spring rolls (fresh): rice paper roll with veggies and meat/seafood/tofu as filling
  • Banh Cuon: steamed filled rice rolls
  • Com: rice
  • Curries/soup/stew: soy is normally not added, bus ask to make sure and add some rice instead of a banh mi
    - Ca Ri Ga: chicken curry
    - Ca Ri Chay: vegetarian curry
    - Bo Kho: beef stew


Sometimes it’s in Vietnam hard to say it right. There is a possibility that they agree on you, but didn’t understand it. A little tip is to write it down and put it in your wallet or your phone.



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