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1.5 Vegan & Vegetarian


Difficult? No!

Being a Vegetarian in Vietnam isn’t really difficult. Besides that the Vietnamese people think that meat is the most important part of the meal, there are a lot vegetarian friendly restaurants where you can eat. If there is not a vegetarian option on the menu, you can always ask them to leave the meat out and to create a vegetarian meal for you. Just tell them ‘’Toi an chay’’. This means ‘’I am a vegetarian’’. Sometimes you have to repeat yourself a few times to make sure they understand you. A tip is to write it down! 

Most common vegetarian food

  • Tofu
  • Fresh or fried spring rolls
  • Aubergine or mushroom claypot
  • Pho Chay
  • Banh Mi Chay 

Best restaurants for vegetarians

Go for the best vegetarian restaurants to your destiny and chose the option food, vegetarian.