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1.6 Halal in Vietnam

For Muslim travellers it can be a big challenge to find Halal food in a non-Muslim country, but there are plenty of facilities available. It might be easier to find Halal food in big cities than small cities. 

To find out what kind of restaurants serve Halal food and where, go to your destiny and choose β€˜β€™halal’’.

App Tip: HalalTrip Islamic Travel App

Top Vietnamese Halal dishes

  1. Cha Ca - is an unique North-Vietnam seafood dish. The white flaky fish is sauteed with vegetables and dill. Served with noodles and crunchy peanuts. 
  2. Canh Chua - a sour soup with fish tomatoes, vegetables and pineapple. 
  3. Rau Muong - the popular vegetable, which known as morning glory or water spinach. 
  4. Mi Quang - just like all the other noodle dishes you should make sure they use halal meat instead of pork.