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1.0 About Halong Bay

Hundreds of limestone mountains that rise vertically from the calm and beautiful blue water surface. Halong Bay is a gem on earth and moreover a miracle of mother nature. Sail through the fairyland of steep cliffs and discover caves and private beaches. In any case, it will not be the environment!

The area also contains beautiful caves, stunning views and good routes to explore by kayak. Swim to private beaches and jump into the water to see the fluorescent plankton light up, the result is mind-boggling. The best way to discover Halong Bay is by tour on a boat or cruise because organizing it yourself is difficult and it is difficult to get to the most impressive places.

An option to do it yourself is to travel to the largest island in Halong Bay: Cat Ba Island. This island is inhabited by a few hundred people and has great beaches, restaurants and excellent fish.

Bai Tu Long Bay is only 30 kilometers from Halong Bay and is a perfect alternative. It has the same breathtaking scenery but without the crowds. Tourists have a more peaceful experience during this cruise and more time for kayaking and swimming.

There are almost 2,000 islands in the bay that has a area of over 1,500 sqkm. In 1994 was this extraordinary island declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take into account the winter weather from November to March. The days can be fresh with drizzly weather, so the splendor and romance of the bay will not come to the fore.

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How to get there?

You have two options: go by yourself or take a tour.

  • If you go by yourself, you have to go to Cat Ba. Take a bus and boat from Ninh Binh (6 hours) or Hanoi (4/5 hours). You can book tickets at travel agencies or your accommodation. 
  • The best option is to take a tour from Hanoi. Everything is already arranged for you, so you just need to sit back and enjoy. 

How long staying?

There are day tours if you are short in time, but we recommend 2 or 3 days.