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1.1 Cruises

There are many different tours available with different operators. Friends Travel Vietnam has been on the Halong Bay Cruises market for a long time and has all the information about it.
The cruises we offer are based on everyone’s needs. Cruises are selected in various categories such as the budget, mid-range, luxury or private charter. Another selection is time frame in which people can choose between one-day, two day one night or three day two night tours. Besides that we also have a fun Party Cruise for the party animals. In short: we have the perfect cruise for everyone!
We have personally tested these cruises with mystery guests to ensure that we deliver what we sell. We place high demands on ourselves for the perfect experience for our travelers, so the fact that we offer the cruises says enough. In addition to the general experience, we also paid attention to the bed, the shower, the rush of the chosen route, meals, service, safety, the tasting of the cocktails (which of course is part of it) and the knowledge of the local guides.
We love transparency as much as you do. That is why it is always clear what you are buying and how much you exactly pay for it. We are just as big fans of journeys as you are, so we will do everything to make the experience in Halong Bay as perfect as possible. Relax and enjoy this beautiful part of Vietnam, we'll take care of the rest!