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1.2 Outdoor Activities

If you go on a cruise, everything is already arranged for you. The outdoor activities are already included, depending on the tour. When staying on the island of Cat Ba it is easier to do some outdoor activities.

Kayaking & Canoeing 

A great way to discover the breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay is kayaking or canoeing. It is very impressive to sail through such a natural wonder by yourself. You have the possibility with kayaks and canoes to go between small standing rocks where you can not get with the boat. Kayaking and canoeing are mostly also included in the cruises.

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A perfect place to experience the wild nature of Halong Bay is swimming. The water is clear, calm and perfectly green. Also included during a cruise. If you swim from Cat Ba, make sure you do not swim in the area where all boats are.

Night Squid Fishing 

Staying on a cruise gives you the opportunity to fish for squids at night. The chance that you might catch a squid may sound small, but it happens that tourists catch about 30 squids per night during squid season. There is of course the possibility to cook and eat the squid after catching.

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