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1.5 Outdoor Activities

Hanoi is really busy so it is kind of difficult to do outdoor activities. Walking around or getting on a bicycle is the best way to discover Hanoi. Other activities you can do are hiking and trekking tours, but these are in Sapa and the Halong Bay Tours can also be arranged from Hanoi.  

Bicycle Tour 


It all started with the idea years and years ago when Friends Travel Vietnam was born. We believe that people should discover the real Hanoi and its hidden gems. But not in a normal way. It must be an original, active and wonderful experience. It took a while, but it finally happened: the only real bike tour through Hanoi.


During this tour we will give you more than just the historical information. We give you the inside information and answer all your 'why' questions. For example: Why are there almost no homeless people in Hanoi? Why do Vietnamese act in a certain way? We are not just telling you, we will show you.


Get an insider from Hanoi and understand the city, culture and people. Get on a very comfortable bike and focus on the experience with every sentence: smell, feel, hear and taste!



Walking Tour 

We don't just take you around Ha Noi's hottest spots - we delve deeper into its historical past, revealing the hidden secrets and giving you the 'Insiders Guide' to life in our awe-inspiring city.

It's a feast for every sense - the sights, sounds & smells - and not forgetting tasty treats we have in store for you along the way.

We'd love to tell you more, but as this is Hanoi's only unscripted and interactive're just going to have to join us!