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1.5 Outdoor Activities in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh is really busy so it is kind of difficult to do outdoor activities. Walking around or getting on a bicycle is the best way to discover Ho Chi Minh. Other activities you can do are taking a street food tour, Mekong Delta Day Cruise or Motorcycle Tour. 

Mekong Delta Day Cruise 

It takes a whole day to explore the Mekong Delta by boat. The boat stops at interesting points where you see a more traditional part of Ho Chi Minh. See for example local riverside markets, fruit orchards, pagodas and authentic villages.

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Street Food Tours

Ho Chi Minh is full of great and special food. Take a street tour to have a great experience trying new dishes with a guide who knows what it is and what you get!

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Motorcycle Tour

Go on the back of a motorbike and explore the different districts within Ho Chi Minh. They take care of the traffic while you can enjoy and look around. You will also visit popular places and highlights. 

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