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1.5 Outdoor activities- Hoi An

Cycling around

Hoi An is not really big and it is amazing to discover it by bicycle. Rent one or go with a guided tour and discover the beautiful surroundings of Hoi An. Visit some rice fields, workvillages and vegetable growing areas.

Operators: Hoian Cycling & Hoi An Love of Life Bicycle Tours 

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Diving at Cham Island 

Go on a day tour with a diving school to enjoy the underwater world of Cham Island. The best time to dive is between April and October!

Operators: Cham Island Diving

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Buffalo and Basket Tour

Very popular in Hoi An is a tour where you first make a ride on a buffalo. Afterwards you will see some rice fields and go to the river with bamboo basket boats. You will see a beautiful environment and have the opportunity to fish during most boat trips.

Operators: Hoi An Eco Green Tour and Jack Tran Tours 

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