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2.0 Local Food

While you’re walking around Hue, you will notice the vendors with grilled corns and baked sweet potatoes. Significant for Hue. But it has a lot more than that! 

Specialty street food

  • Banh Khot
    Is not original from Hue, but the people in Hue changed it to a product with taste from Hue once it was imported. Banh Khot is the perfect combination of fresh vegetables, crispy base and the sour, sweet and salty of fish sauce. There are just 2 Hue Mini Savory Pancake restaurants, the best one is in Nguyen Hue the most popular street food in Hue. 
  • Grilled Corns and baked sweet potatoes
    When you’re walking along the Perfume river at night, you will spot many vendors with coal stoves, spices and sweet potatoes. They serve grilled corns and sweet potatoes. The corns are coated with fish sauce, chili, sugar, butter and scallions before grilling. A very popular snack for students in Hue and that’s why you can find a lot in front of the University’s College of Education. The sweet potatoes are buried inside coals and baked. 
  • sweet potato shake
    In addition to the baked sweet potatoes. there are also sweet potato shakes. You should try this if you like potato shakes. 
  • Banh Ep (Hue savory crispy crepe)
    The Banh Ep appeared in Hue around 10 years ago. Even it is a small simple dish, it has good reputation. The main ingredient is cassava flour. They mix it with a little bit of egg, minced meat or dried beef. Scallions are used as toppings. There are 2 types: dry cake and soft cake. The most people like the cake when it’s soft and still a little warm. 
  • Banh Trang Trung (Vietnamese pizza)
    Banh Trang Trung is translated for ‘’grilled rice paper’’. This pizza is very popular with the teenagers in Hue. It starts with deep frying or grilling the rice paper until it becomes hard. During frying, they add toppings like eggs, dried beef, paste and cheese on top. As last, they will add some chili sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise.
  • Bun Thit Nuong (Hue grilled pork noodle)
    This traditional dish is loved by everyone in Hue, young and old. Hue Grilled Pork includes vermicelli noodle, fresh vegetables and grilled pork. It’s topped with fried peanut, pickled green papaya and carrot. They use sauce made from pork liver to make the dish even more tasty. To enjoy the best Bun Thit Nuong at:
    1. Huyen Anh restaurant – 52/11 Kim Long, Hue city
    2. Tai Phu restaurant – 2 Điện Biên Phủ, Hue city
    3. Lac Thien restaurant – 6 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hue city
  • Hue Balut (duck fetus eggs)
    A dish where you need to be brave for. Eating a unborn duck. Don’t worry, even if you don’t eat it, the duck wouldn’t be born. Feel free to try and enjoy. Eat the dish with a spoon to scoop the meat out or use your hand to eat it at once.
  • Nem Lui (Hue lemongrass skewer)
    A snack you can find in every traditional restaurant. This food started as a serving for the King and the royalty. Nowadays, it is food for everyone. Nem lui is a meatball shaped around a stalk of lemongrass. After that, they grill it on a coal stove. 
  • Com Hen
    Com hen is a rice-based dish with basket clams or baby mussels. The dish can also include peanuts, bean sprouts, fresh herbs, shredded banana blossoms and small cut taro plant. To try this dish, go to Han Mac Tu Street and Truong Dinh Street. 
  • Che Hem (sweet soup)
    Che hem is a traditional sweet soup in Hue. There are various ways to serve this dish. Che comes in small balls, glasses or transparent plastic bags. The best place to try this soup is at the famous Che Hem eatery in Hue. 
  • Banh Hue (Hue cake)
    These cakes are a typical part of the local’s daily life. There are a lot of different cakes, but the main ingredients are rice flour and shrimp. You will find them everywhere on the streets in Hue. A few streets where you can go is Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Ngu Binh Street and An Dinh Street. 

Here are some amazing restaurants you should try now you find out what you should eat in Hue!

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