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1.1 Arriving In Vietnam - Getting A Sim Card

There are many places with WiFi in Vietnam. Restaurants, bars, hostels, hotels etc., but it can be handy to have a sim card as well. For example: a lot of travelers use Uber or Grab in Vietnam, but you need internet for that. If you want to meet up with people or wherever you want to use it for. There are different services, such as Mobifone, Viettel and Vinaphone. The vendors install the sim card for you when you buy it, so you don’t have to do it by yourself. They install and you can use it. Easy, right? 


The price for a sim card depends on what you need. How many GB, calls and for how long. There are two different options if you want internet. If your data is used, you have to pay for extra data/get a new card or after it’s used, your internet gets slower. 3 GB will be around 200.000 VND. 

Where and what to get?

  • At the airport 

When you get out off your plane and step outside the baggage pick-up carousels, you find many booths where you can buy a sim card. 

  • In the city

You can buy the sim cards at the street in narrow buildings. Mostly demonstrated with signs that say ‘’sim card’’. These are probably the cheapest places to buy. Choose how many GB you need and for how long. It is possible to top-up if you ran out of your GB.

  • At a phone shop

Other places where you can buy them are at the airport or in phone shops. You find them in the cities with more electronics and mobile devices. 

Can I still use Whatsapp?

Many people have the question if they can still use Whatsapp with their old number. The answer is: YES. Whatsapp is already installed on your phone with your old number, so there is no need to change that. The only thing that changes is your data server. Whatsapp can ask you if you want to register the number of the sim card, but then you just have to answer no.