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1.1 Tips & Tricks - First Time Backpacking

Exciting! Your first time backpacking and you are going to Vietnam. Vietnam is already a popular destination for backpackers and it seems to grow even more. So do not worry about being alone in Vietnam, everyone shares the same fear, mixed feelings and joy! 
  • Do not be afraid Almost everyone has the feeling of fear before they leave and that is not weird. You are going on a journey in strange country where you do not know anything about. But you will be fine. Try to relax and enjoy!
  • Do not plan too much Many people who travel for the first time make the mistake to plan too much. That can cause you stress and that is the last thing you want. We would recommend to loosen up your plan a little bit and ‘go with the flow’.
  • Pack your back light Simple said, but difficult to accomplish. You probably do not want to forget anything, but you can bring everything (you really need) and keep it light. We have some backpack tips and a packing list under header ‘’preparation’’ ‘’what to take’’.
  • Travel slowly Traveling can be exhausting sometimes. You take busses for hours to move to another place, have to pack your bags and meet new people again. To save some energy, try to 
  • Try new things Try to challenge yourself and do things you thought you never should do before. Go on a hike or eat insects! 
  • Get a local sim card
  • Do not be too shy For sure, it is scary to randomly go to a person and say hi, but this is how it works. Do not think people do not want to talk to you or they do not want your company. They know how you feel because everyone needs to do this at a new destination.
  • You are not feeling perfect every day There are going to be moments where you can feel lonely or sad, that is normal. Do not worry about that too much. Accept that you can not feel happy every day because you are not capable of that when you are at home, right?
  • Do not forget yourself You are going to write your own journey, so do not forget to write it yourself. Do not follow people if you do not want to. They are not going to blame you if you skip an activity or if you take another path. That is part of traveling.
  • Bring a few passport photos You need two photos for your visa, but it is always smart to bring some more. In case you love traveling and do not want to go home yet.
  • Do not hold too much on your budget Of course, you need money to travel and if you spend too much you will run out of money. It is good to set up a budget for yourself, but do not let activities or experiences you really want to do go because you have your budget. You can better do what you really want, instead of going home with regret not doing it, right?
  • Stay loyal to the hostel etiquette You are sleeping in a hostel with other travelers and you have to respect the rules if you do not want to be the one who irritates everyone in the dorm. Try to take people into account. 
  • Bring earplugs Yeah, sleeping in a hostel can be exhausting sometimes. People come and go in the middle of the night and others snore. If you are sensitive for these noises, you should definitely bring your earplugs. Some hostels also offer them.
  • Only bring what you really need, if you go out If you are planning to have a big night out, leave as much as possible in your hostel and only bring the necessary stuff. There is a possibility that you loose it or that someone steals it.
  • You can eat street food Many people will tell you that the street food is unhealthy because they look dirty, but none of that is true. Of course, you can get sick once or maybe twice, but that is not necessary because you ate street food. Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients, same as in the restaurants.
  • Get an insurance It is really important to get a travel insurance. You do not want to end up in a hospital after an accident and pay the whole bill because that is a lot! 
  • Traveling is your goal, not the amount of destinations You travel to discover and enjoy places, but do not travel just to say that you have been somewhere. The point is that you can tell how you felt there and what you experienced, right? So why should you leave a place where you feel happy? Try to enjoy and live in the moment.Be aware what the dangers are Under header ‘’All in Vietnam’’, you find the most common dangers and other situations that can happen. Read this to prevent one of these things.