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1.5 Buying & Organizing Your Backpack

How does everything fit in here?!

Going to another country always brings questions with it, such as ‘’what do I need to buy before I go there and what can I buy there?’’. Under the header ‘’packing list’’, you’ll find what you should bring with you. 

Just remember that you can almost buy everything you need in Vietnam as well. There are pharmacies where you can buy your basic medicines. Everything in Vietnam will be the same price or cheaper. The only thing that you can better take from home is sun cream. There are many sun creams, but most of them contain whitening and that won’t give you a nice tan. Finding a sun cream without whitening is difficult, but they are also expensive. 


HELP! What backpack should I get?

The most important thing, if you decide to travel around, is your backpack. There are many different backpacks you can buy. They vary from size to comfort etc. It is important to pick a good backpack because you have to carry it with you for a couple weeks or maybe even months. We also recommend to take a daypack with you. It’s always convenient to have a small back if you’re walking around the city. 

Does size matter?

A backpack can have different sizes. It depends on what you want and how much you want to take with you. Be aware that the bigger your bag the more you take along and thus become heavier. 
  • Small: 40 to 60 liter - Don’t take to much with you. Short traveling. 
  • Average: 60 to 80 liter - Recommended. Enough to travel for months. Good size to carry and enough to bring everything you need. 
  • Large: 80 to 100 liter - If you’re going on a really long trip with activities, such as hiking, camping etc. Mostly used if people go to cold countries because their clothes are thicker. 


It’s important to buy a backpack with a good quality if you don’t want it to break during your trip. See it as an investment, because if you buy a good one, you can keep it for multiple trips.


A well-fitting backpack is important. You carry at least 6 kilos on your back. Try a backpack in the stores and see how the size suits you. It is important that the backpack is not much longer than you, because it will hurt your back after a while. Make sure that the hip straps and shoulder straps feel comfortable. Your backpack will rest on these points. 



A way to measure the maximum weight you should wear is to take 20 to 25 percent of your body weight. It is quite easy to carry your backpack up to here. It becomes heavier and more uncomfortable after 25 percent.


If you are looking for a backpack with good quality and a comfortable fit, you pay between the 100 and 250 dollars. 


Sometimes it comes with your backpack and sometimes not: the flight bag or rain cover. Most backpacks aren’t 100% waterproof and you don’t want your stuff to get wet. In addition, it’s smart to buy a key lock to close your zippers. 

Good backpack brands!