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1.6 Money & Costs - Price Overview


Dong is the Vietnamese currency. The prices will be showed in Dong and it’s used as main currency. Sometimes, you can pay with dollars at hotels or travel agencies. 



It’s easy to find ATM’s in Vietnam and especially findable in the big cities at every corner. U can use Maestro, Visa, Cirrus, Mastercard or credit card.

Per transaction, you have to pay withdrawal charges between 25.000 and 50.000 dong. At almost every bank, the maximum amount you can get is 3.000.000. It’s very rarely if you can get more than that, but possible. 


Is not expected, but will be appreciated if you do. Leave, for example, something for the cleaner in your hotel room or the tour guide. It’s your decision if you want to tip and how much. 

Costs per day

It’s not easy to say what you will spend exactly at your trip. One person spends more on food and another spends more on trips. We have an average day balance to give you a little impression about the prices. 



  • Budget) One of the cheapest option is a bed in a dorm. You’ll pay around 6 dollars a night including breakfast or free beer. A lot of hostels also offer something for free, so you can save money on that. You want to have more privacy? A private room in a hostel will cost 250.000 (11 USD). Another cheap option is to couchsurf. You can sleep at a local’s place for free. 
  • Mid-range) Another option is a private two-person room. The prices will be around 550.000. 
  • Luxury) Sleeping in a hotel is one of the most expensive stays. You can choose for yourself how much you want to spend and make it as luxe as you want. 

Food & Drinks

  • Budget) It’s really easy to find good food for a cheap price. Eat in small local restaurants for meals around 40.000. You can buy a big bottle of water in the supermarket for 10.000 and a beer will be around 25.000 in a restaurant.
  • Mid-range) If you want to sit at normal seats and a normal table or eat some western food, you’ll pay around 200.000 (8,8 USD).
  • Luxury) Go for different kitchens and luxury service and you will notice that the prices are higher than normal. Big cities offer luxe restaurants where you can have a perfect dining. Specialties or extraordinary dishes will heat the price up.


  • Budget) The public transport in Vietnam can be very cheap. Short distance, around the city are mostly around 7.000. You will pay around 150.000 (6,6 USD) for long distance, depending on where you go ofcourse. The longer the transport the more it will costs and the luxury of the bus is also affecting. Tip: If you take a night bus, you’ll save money for your accommodation. 
  • Mid-range) There are different degrees depending on the luxury of the busses. VIP busses Another option is to take the train. A ticket from will be around 600.000. The luxury VIP will be around 500.000. Another way to travel through the city is by motorbike. Use Grab or Uber to get from A to B with a motorbike. Prices for 10 minutes will be around 20.000 (less than a dollar)
  • Luxury) To save some time, you can take a domestic flight. They’re easy to book and take, but costs more than other transports. You’ll will pay around 40 dollars for a domestic flight. To travel in luxury, there are options like a private car, limousine, etc. 


Are probably the most expensive during your trip. It depends on what you want to do and how often you want to do something. Some tours will be around 20 dollars and others around 200 dollars. For an average traveler, you can think about doing a tour once a three days for around 20 dollars.
Museum entrance fees are mostly less than 2 dollars. 

Tip: To save on tours, figure out what you really want to do and where you definitely need a tour guide.