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1.0 About- Mui Ne

Mui Ne is located in the south of Vietnam and is a very popular beach destination. Even if it becomes more popular with travelers, it is still quiet and not very busy. The visitors to Mui Ne are mainly residents of Ho Chi Minh and Russia. It has a vast 12 km long bay where people love to practice water sports activities. There are many luxury resorts along the beach.


The beach is a very popular place for people who like to relax. In addition, it is a paradise for kitesurfers, because of the perfect wind on the beach. The best time for kitesurfing is between August and December.


Another very popular sight are the Sand Dunes. These white sand dunes are about 25 kilometers away from the center. Many people rent a quad to enjoy the dunes. The sunset creates a great environment.

How to get there?

A. By Train

The closest train station is in Phan Thiet and the train only goes one time per day. 

  • SPT2 Sai Gon- Phan Thiet Departs at 6.40 AM- Arrives at 10.26 AM
  • SPT1 Phan Thiet- Sai Gon Departs at 13.10 PM- Arrives at 17.17 PM
  • soft seat air-con - 190,000 VND 
  • hard-berth air-con - 220,000 VND 
  • soft berth air-con - 255,000 VND 

To get from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne, you can take the local red bus. The trip costs around 20,000 VND.

B. By Bus

The open bus tours are going to Mui Ne. You can book a bus to Mui Ne at your accommodation or a travel agency. 

How long to stay?

1-2 days