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1.0 About Phong Nha

You might be sick to death of caves at the end of your trip in Vietnam, but none is as unique as the caves in Phong Nha. Think about the Phong Nha Cave, which is only accessible by boat and is a whopping 8 kilometers long. It used to be the largest cave in vietnam until they discovered the Son Doong Cave, that is chosen as the world’s largest cave. These two caved are part of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, a place of intense beauty. It is a beautiful pristine region with mountains, forests, rivers, caves and more.


Besides the beautiful caves has Phong Nha more fun to offer, such as the Duck Stop and the water buffalo. These stops will give you more fun in Phong Nha. At the duck stop, you will get a duck massage while the ducks are eating between your legs and you can throw a duck for good luck. Don’t worry, they fly. Another option to do is to swim with a buffalo at the nearby river. These two can be combined. 

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How to get there?
PLANE - The closest airport is located 40 kilometers from Phong Nha, Dong Hoi Airport. You can fly from Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. From the airport, take a taxi. This will cost around 500,000 VND. 

TRAIN - Located in Dong Hoi, 40 kilometers from Phong Nha. Trains are coming from the north and the south (SE1 - SE8 and SE20). From the train station to Phong Nha costs around 500,000 VND.

  • Hanoi - Phong Nha: about 10 hours
  • Hue - Phong Nha: about 3 hours
  • Ho Chi Minh - Phong Nha: about 23 hours
  • Da Nang - Phong Nha: about 6 hours
  • Dong Hoi - Phong Nha: about 1 hour

BUS - There are many busses that go to and from Phong Nha. From Dong Hoi, Hanoi, Hue, Cat Ba, Da Nang, Ninh Binh. 

How long to stay?
2-3 days