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1.0 About Phu Quoc Island

In the Gulf of Thailand and 15 kilometers off the coast of Cambodia lies a gem of Vietnam: Phu Quoc Island. It has become a very popular location and Cambodia claims to own the island for it. With soft sandy beaches, clear waters and swaying palm trees a lovely destination to relax. 


There are currently around 80,000 people living at the island and it is the most popular for its special fish saus, black pepper and olive oil. It is the perfect place to eat fresh fish along the beach. Phu Quoc Island is also very popular with expats who work in Ho Chi Minh City and want to escape the city in the weekend. 


The island is developing rapidly, but there is still a peaceful atmosphere and most places are only accessible via unpaved roads. It is seen as the leading SmartCity in Asia, where luxury, technology and paradise intersect.

There are beautiful beaches where you can snorkel/dive or see the perfect sunset or sunrise. Ong Lang Beach, An Thoi Islands and Turtle Island are the perfect places to discover the underwater world. Besides the beaches Phu Quoc Island has more to offer!

 How to get there?


Phu Quoc’s airport: Phu Quoc International Airport (PQC). You can fly from many domestic places in Vietnam for a cheap price and also from nearby other countries, such as Thailand.
From here on, you can take a taxi or shuttle bus to your accommodation. 


  • Take a direct boat from Rach Gia. A ticket costs around 320,000 VND and the journey takes about 2.5 hours. Buy tickets at the website of SuperDong. 
  • Another option is to take a combi-ticket where you have your bus and boat ticket in one. These tickets cost round 26 USD and can be bought at travel agencies or your accommodations.  

How long to stay?
3 - 5 days