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1.2 Dangers & Annoyances - Small Crimes

You are a tourist and in the eyes of a Vietnamese, you are rich. They will recognize you easily by your looks and that makes you an easy target.


Do hotels steal?

Never leave your valuables behind in your room unless you have a safety locker. If you don’t, take values like your passport and cash with you. Wear it in a special fanny pack or bag around your neck. 

Quicker than you think

The most common crime at the street are bag-snatchers and pickpockets. The bag-snatchers are motorbike drivers that come along you and quickly grab your bag, phone or wallet. They are already gone before you notice. Pickpockets can be anything. Just people walking close to you or children/elderly, who look innocent, distracting you. These things happen the most in big cities, but especially in Ho Chi Minh City district 1 and 3. 


Even in the public bus

It is a really easy place for thieves to steal your bag or something else. Keep your bags in mind as much as possible. The most tricky moments are before departure, a stop for food and drinks and when you arrive. 

Yes, drugs & prostitution

Nha Trang is the most common place for drugs and prostitution crimes. Take care of your belongings at the beach and watch out in the evening for motorbike taxi. Watch out with ‘girl taxis’ if you are a man. Their service happens during the night hours.

Tipping you!

  • Bring a (numeral) slot with you. They can be easy if you sleep at hostels or if you are traveling by bus/train. 
  • Keep about 100 USD separate from your wallet in case you get robbed and need to pay for a new passport, photos, etc. 
  • It is advisable to not wear flashy jewelry and large watches. 
  • Try not to walk with your phone in your hand. They are very quick. 
  • Be careful with taking out cash from your wallet. 
  • Keep your back close to you and carry it careful. 
  • Try to walk with at least two persons in crime-sensitive areas.