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1.4 Dangers & Annoyances - Beggars, Scams & Other Tricks

Please, please, please... 

The number of beggars in Vietnam is huge. Most beggars in Vietnam are the people who lost their limbs during the war. They can not start a normal job, so they start begging. Many work in companies where they make art. You can visit these places and buy art to stimulate them to earn a reasonable income.

Children are cute, right?

Children sell cold drinks, chewing gum and fruit in tourist areas. They often have good intentions, so have fun and practice their English with them. In addition, they have a lot of knowledge about their environment so they can give you some information!

Hotels just disappear

Another well-known trick is that taxi drivers tell you that your hotel is closed, has moved, or that the name has changed. They take you to another place where they receive commission. The hotels are often more expensive because he gets his commission. So make sure that your driver brings you to the place you ask for. Show them the exact address so that they can’t misinterpret the name. Another common point is that tours do not deliver what they promised. Avoid this kind of disappointment and do good research on the tours you book!

Feel how heavy!

You have probably seen the ladies at the street wearing a bamboo stick with two baskets on each side. They usually only sell their products, but sometimes they let you try to walk with it. So much fun, but of course, she will ask you money afterwards.
Very popular is also the: ‘’you gave me to less money’’ trick. Vendors tell you a price and after giving your money, they tell you that you gave to less money or they won’t give you enough back. Be aware with the amount you give and how much you get back. Make sure that you exactly know what you gave and if they try, just make clear that you know what they are trying.