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1.1 Top Spots- Sapa


The best way to discover Sapa is by trekking. We offer different trekking to Sapa and we can tell that you will remember this trip for the rest of your life. 

The most popular trekking is the Real Sapa Experience. Designed with great variety, these trekking experience are geared towards travellers searching for a healthy mix of active exploration, uncommon landscapes, non-touristic trekking and local cultures. 


First of all, you start in Hanoi where you will go comfortable and relaxed to Lao Cai by sleeping train in your own soft sleeper berth. After a pretty comfortable drive by train from Hanoi we arrive in the early morning in Sapa. Such a colorful town thanks to the H’mong and Dzao people from the local hill tribes who head into the town’s market every day to trade their produce. The region as also known as “the Tonkinese Alps”, Sapa is just a lovely hill station town in Northern Vietnam near the Chinese border.

Enjoy a very warm welcome from our local (Hmong or Red Dzao) tour guide who will guide you through this stunning piece of Vietnam. From the lush terraced rice paddies to the rustic charm of the native dwellings, Sapa is a place you’re sure to fall in love with! Many diverse groups like the Dzay, Dzao, Tay, Xa Pho or Hmong populate this richly cultural northern territory.

You’ll sample their unique delights as you pass through each village, trek 2 days and overnight with the local Hmong minority in an traditional homestay, enjoy cooking with locals & lovely 30 min herbal foot massage.

We hope you are ready for our unique non-touristic trekking.

Video Sapa Experience

Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam with a height of 3.143 meters. It is located in the Lao Cai province of the northwest region. The mountain has 1,680 different types of plants and there are also waterfalls around it. 

How to get there? Take from Hanoi an overnight Train to Lao Cai province in Sapa. From there on you can take the public bus or a car to Sapa town. You can start the trekking from there. There are also organized tours to join. 

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Ta Phin Village 

A village about 30 minutes from Sapa. This is a pristine place where you can see the original Red Dao minority with their traditional life. See how they make colorful products, such as scarves, skirts, wallets and bags. A funny fact is that they supply for shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and also export it to foreigners. Although Sapa became more popular, the Red Dao still has their special traditions that you probably see and maybe even participate.

Thac Bac Waterfall

A 200 meter long waterfall that has a breathtaking scenery. It has white water cascading down the hill and is surrounded with beautiful nature. Perfect for a picnic in the summer and it can be covered with snow in the winter, which creates an amazing view. Both periods are good for a walk around.

How to get here?

It is 18 kilometers to the north of Sapa. Take the road Tram Ton and at the end of the road, you are at top of Hoang Liem Mountain (Heaven Gate).�