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Motorbike taxi

This is an easy way to get fast from A to B and also really cheap. We would recommend to use or Grab. There are many drivers willing to drive you around, but if you use Grab, there is almost no chance that they scam you. If you decide to go with a local, make sure you negotiate the price beforehand. 

Car taxi 

If you drive with a normal taxi, drive on the meter. That is the best way to go because there can not be discussions about the price. Make sure you take the right companies and not the fast-meter taxis. Good taxi companies are Vinasun and Mai Linh. Grab also has the service to order a car.
The prices in the big cities start around 10.000 dong and are around 14.000 per km.

How to avoid taxi scams?

  • A common scam among taxi drivers is to tell new arrivals in a town that the hotel they ask for is closed or has moved or changed its name. Instead, they head for a hotel that pays them commission. This may work out fine (new hotels often use this method to become known), but more often than not it’s a substandard hotel and you will in any case pay over the odds since the room rate will include the driver’s commission. To avoid being ripped off, always insist on being taken to the exact address of your chosen hotel, at least just to check the story.
  • Look for taxi drivers wearing particular uniforms. Vinasun drivers wear a dark green shirt with maroon tie and Mai Linh drivers wear green outfits. 
  • Other taxi companies copy the name of the well-known companies. They just change a letter in the word. 
  • Always make sure the meter is on while driving. 
  • Look if he has a licence. If he doesn’t he might not be from a well companie. 


This is a bicycle rickshaw. You see them cycling in the cities for tours or a destination drive. If you want to ride by cyclo, make sure that you both understand the price. They often say yes by nodding their heads, but afterwards they charge you more. When you go into this, there is a possibility that they become aggressive. Try to keep your leg stiff, but it is better to have the price clear. The rates must be between 12,000 and 25,000 for a short journey and no more than 50,000-80,000 for a long journey.

Example: two drivers came to me and my friend and offert a ride for 5 minutes to a shopping mall. He said 5 Dong and I asked them oke 5.000 dong each. He nodded his head. We got there and he said ‘’no 5 Dong and showed me a 500.000 bill’’. We told him that we are not going to pay that and he got aggressive. Both were a little scared, but keep to our price that he did not want to take. We walked fastly away and we never paid.