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2.0 Motorbike - Easy Riders



It can be overwhelming to drive a motorbike in Vietnam. If you are uncomfortable driving a motorbike, you can go for an amazing experience on the back of an Easy Rider. A big advantage of driving with an Easy Rider is that you can relax and enjoy the amazing surroundings of Vietnam. The Easy Rider shows you highlights on the way and can be your tour guide. 


The choice is is yours. You can use Easy Riders for a short or long trip. Contact Easy Rides and make your personal journey. They bring you to highlights and special views where you would never go by yourself. 


The prices depend on your tour. If you go for one day or several days. Your accommodation is usually included in the price when you go for several days, but be sure to check if you consult them.
The average price is between 45 and 65 USD per person per day.