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1.0 Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is very diverse country and has a lot to show you. Since the last few years, its popularity for travelers has grown rapidly and that has good reasons. The country has an interesting history, beautiful beaches, great nature and of not to be missed: it’s famous, tasteful cuisine.  


Before you go to Vietnam you must know its history. Its history is complex, rugged and very diverse. Once you travel through Vietnam, you notice the influences of different countries. The north has Chinese influences that you can find in ancient temples and some of the Hindu origins in the south. Meanwhile boulevards and grand state buildings that grace the capital date from the French colonial period. 



It is not the highlight of Vietnam, but it has some beautiful beaches where you can relax and tan. The best beaches are in Mui Ne and Phu Quoc. You find beaches everywhere along the coast.



Vietnam’s nature is breathtaking and unforgettable. The north is especially famous for its nature. Popular places like Sapa, Halong Bay, Ha Giang and Ninh Binh must be on your to do list! Sapa village is located in the mountains and is known for its large amount of terraced rice fields. Most travelers are going for a amazing tracking. A must go is a cruise tour through Ha Long Bay where you can enjoy the unique view of almost 3000 rocks pointing out of the water. Like to ride through the mountains for a few days to enjoy one of the best views? Then go definitely to Ha Giang. Go to Tam Coc in Ninh Binh and take a 2/3 hour boat tour and sail between beautiful limestone tunnels! If you are interested in more information about these tours, feel free to ask!



If you have a passion for food or just to eat, Vietnam is the place to be. The Vietnamese cuisine is very tasty with all her flavors. It’s also known for its health because they use, as much as possible, fresh ingredients and a lot of herbs and vegetables. The Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse and each region has its own specialties. One of its most famous dishes is ‘’Pho’’, the noodle soup.