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The official name of Vietnam is: Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Translated: Nuoc Công Hòa Xã Hôi Chu Nghia Viêt Nam. It’s one of the world’s last surviving one-party Communist States. The Language spoken is Vietnamese. This language has six different tones and is hard to learn. The capital city is Hanoi and the surface is 331.210 km². Vietnam has 96 million inhabitants, which makes their population equivalent to 1,26% of the total world population. They are number 15 in the list of countries by population. 

Laos, Cambodia and China are Vietnam’s neighbours and the East-coast crosses the South-Chinese Sea, which is convenient if you want to cool of in the summer. Vietnam has no time difference per season. The South knows to seasons: dry and wet and the North knows four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Vietnam is also known for its war. The Vietnamese war (1957-1975) where Northern Vietnam, supported by Russia and China, against Southern Vietnam, supported by America fighted. The war lasted 18 years before America decided to withdraw. Since then, the North and the South are together a country.  

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