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1.4 Flight Tickets

Vietnam is a very popular destination and easy to fly to. There are 10 airports in Vietnam called ‘’international’’, but some aren’t. The most important two are Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport and Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh city. Many travelers arrive here when they start their journey. Since there are many airports in Vietnam, it’s easy to take a domestic flight. This can save you some time if you have a time limit.

There are three airports that say they are international but they aren’t, such as: Chu Lai International Airport, Lien Khuong International Airport and Phu Bai International Airport. 

List Airports in Vietnam


Buy your flight tickets on time and compare the prices to each other. If you search enough and know how to search, you can easily find a ticket for 700 dollars. If you have a long flight make sure you’re at least comfortable.



How to get cheap tickets?

  • know when you’re going. High season is of course more expensive than low season. Flights are also more expensive in the weekend than in midweeks
  • don’t wait too long and book on time
  • compare them at comparing sites
  • for domestic flights: take the Vietnam airlines, such as: Vietnam Airlines, VietJet, Jetstar Airways and AirAsia

Website to book: